Monday, 24 January 2011


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Really pleased with how this worked out - a single page now on display in Manchester Art Gallery, in front of Arthur Hughes' Ophelia 1852 -

Our response was created by myself and a young people's mental health group of from Wigan. They chose the painting which provoked the most discussion and comments amongst them, which we then drew using the basic comic skills we'd covered in the morning. The background and layout I completed afterwards.
I'm excited by this as it seems such a simple way of responding to a particular artwork: depict those stood in front of it in discussion, so you see what the artwork would see looking back at the viewer. Now I'm keen to try this with other paintings or sculptures in the collection, before the Tory-led government has the place converted into a detention centre or abbatoir.

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Todd said...

You are not the only one...

I met you at Manchester Art Gallery during the Mushroom Magic event in 2010 and you kindly drew a cat and signed it for my young daughter.

Who knows, I may come along if ypu do a cartooning course again. (I love cartons but have never been able to draw.)

I'll be back to your site son.