Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bob & Bonecrusher

Just finished a brilliant project at the Ark Pupil Referral Unit in Whitefield. The best thing about the sessions was that parents or carers were asked to come along and take part. Whilst I've worked with kids plenty of times, and am confident running similar workshops with adults, I've never worked with both at once. We had mums, a dad, a gran, a grandad and an older sister, and everyone was eager enough to muck in and have a go at drawing, which isn't all that easy if you've not done it since leaving school 20, 30 or more years ago. Some were startlingly confident and competent with drawing, and all did really well working alongside their respective youngster.
The last of our 4 mornings together (one of which was a visit to the gallery) resulted in Bob & Bonecrusher, our connect the plots fantasy adventure. I designed Bob, and Bonecrusher was based one of the boys 2 card characters character - a crocodile drummer. I'll be doing a post on connect the plots sometime soon, but briefly all participants are allocated page numbers, and then using agreed characters and genre, each in turn describes what will happen on their page. The results are compiled and hey presto you've got, in this case, a 14 page complete comic within less than an hour that EVERYONE has contributed to.-

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