Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Crab Lane Crew cover

Here it is - issue 19 of the DFC featuring cover stars the Crab Lane Crew. PLUS inside their adventures include 5 different flavours of ice cream - what more could you ask for?
I'm led to believe that on the DFC site you can order individual issues, so now's the best time to trial an issue. I'd love to know what people think of the strip.


Cadwell said...

I saw this cover at Birmingham this weekend and got excited for you, and when I got home the bright DFC envelope was waiting for me. I've only recently subscribed so last issue (17) was my first one but already Crab Lane Crew is the first comic I read. There was a lot of positive talk at the show (or after the show in the pub) about what the DFC are doing and I happily mentioned your work whenever the topic came up. I'd love a big annual of it for christmas.

Jim Medway said...

Thanks Adam - glad you are enjoying it, and good to know it got seen at Birmingham.
I'd love an annual too, but not this year I'm afraid!