Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Christmas cards

Order your cards now, from the excellent Leeds Postcards. At the printers now - my new design, in keeping with the company's leftie protest humour -

Years ago - 1992 I think - I did a design for Leeds Postcards in response to the new Criminal Justice Bill, which, for all you Americans or children out there, outlawed various kinds of gatherings. It even went into detail about listening to music with repetitive beats, aimed at clearing the countryside of parties in fields, though attacked other general established civil liberties related to protest and demonstrations.

Though out of print now, I've still got a pile of these in a box somewhere here in my attic, but have no idea which bookshelf they are stashed behind and so will remain there until I have a root around in spring.

1 comment:

Marek Bennett said...

Jim --

Those darn kids and their "music with repetitive beats"!

Both cards look great! I love the moment you captured with those teddy bears, it's a very Monty Pythonesque interruption of an otherwise enjoyable (and cliche) scene.

-- Marek